Ten things you might not know about Kirsty or Ann or Calendula Girls



1. Loves her two little boys to the ends of the Universe, being a mum is a great adventure.
2. Lives on a beautiful property that has been in her husband’s family for six generations. She has planted lots of trees and herbs and is really looking forward to making really healthy concoctions from them. Food as medicine is high on Kirst’s list of good things.
3. Likes to run…sometimes, and stretches her body and soul with yoga.
4. Is passionate about herbs for nurturing, skincare and health. So much so that she studied both naturopathy and herbalism and has a degree in health science.
5. Loves cooking with a thermomix.
6. Is incredibly good at trusting the Universe to support her visions
7. Keeps Calendula Girls on track and growing in meaningful thought filled ways…and often meaningful intuitive ways too.
8. Years ago Kirsty taught an aromatherapy diploma course, with Ann, at a health college in South Australia.
9. Is completely restored by swimming in the ocean and breathing salt laden air. It is her soul’s solace.
10. Sometimes has amazing insights that help others find their balance and harmony.

1. Has recently moved across Australia to live in a gorgeous creative village she has loved for over twenty years…Ann can take a while to commit.
2. Is happiest when she is making something with her hands…felt, fabric, threads, silk and linen light her up.
3. Likes to cook food grown in her garden, and though she is not much of a gardener, luckily her husband is.
4. Adores fragrant plants and calendulas and she loves transforming them into perfume ingredients. Her fridge is often full of containers of coconut oil enfluerage of gardenias or jasmine.
5. Has a thing for poodles…fluffy teddy bear type poodles especially…but even the pom-pom cut ones are ok to her, it’s their personalities that appeal. And a lousy haircut always grows out.
6. Makes a good fire.
7. Loves sharing her knowledge of essential oils, product making and fragrance extraction methods.
8. Gets excited about the potential for Calendula Girls to make a positive contribution to the world.
9. Is blown away by fireflies.
10. Sometimes stays too long in India for her own good.

Calendula Girls
1. Is Kirsty and Ann’s idea of a dream business…where we can make and share any random thing we love and hopefully find ways to empower young women entrepreneurs to create their own fabulous products and follow their dreams.
2. Is full of beauty, fragrance, softness, strength, grace and good health and friendship, always friendship.
3. Is creative.
4. Full of fun and laughter.
5. Supportive, abundant and kind.
6. Sharing and connecting.
7. Down to earth.
8. Sometimes we make use of lab equipment because it makes us feel good! We looooove lab equipment, especially glass beakers and machines that dispense and spin stuff, like centrifuges. Oh and distillation equipment, then we are really squealing with excitement.
9. Is based on experience and research and traditional folk knowledge.
10. Is Ann and Kirsty’s favourite way to spend time together…well Calendula Girls, cups of tea and sitting on sunny verandas actually.