Calendula Oil


Our calendula oil is an infusion of calendula flowers in macadamia oil. It is created by a slow and gentle process, responding to the energy of the seasons…the life force in the soil…the timing of all aspects of its creation is determined by the natural rhythm set by the sun and the moon. Our calendula infusion is a sparkling orange liquid with remarkable clarity, we call it liquid sunshine. It is filled with love and happiness and our desire to offer you our very best.
Calendula infused oil makes a lovely lip and cuticle conditioner, a safe and effective treatment for the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. It can be used to soothe dry itchy skin, even added to Epsom salts for a relaxing bath. Here are some helpful tips.



  1. Calendula Girls

    ‘Have just received the most wonderful golden lovingly created Calendula oil by post from the amazing Calendula Girls! I’ve been using it every day and have watched the healing change taking place on my sore! Every day it is getting better and starting to look so much healthier and cleaner!! Thank you so much for your wonderful product girls! This certainly is a product worth recommending to your friends!’ Shanti Rahal

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