Calendula girls is all about fun and laughter, sharing and equality…not about preaching! We know that we are all doing our best…following our truth as we understand it today and sometimes the amount of advice gets a little overwhelming. So here’s a quote that comforts us when we are giving […]

Life is a journey

When caring for our skin, we start with what we eat because our skin really is a reflection of our internal health. We make sure that our diets contain lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, raw nuts and good oils. Our ‘go to’ dietary oils are usually organic cold […]

Our number 1 Calendula Girls moisturiser

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Notes from the Universe Mike Dooley is a very cool guy who will email you a note from ‘the Universe’ every day and it’s free. The notes make us smile, encourage us and sometimes make us tear up…but they are always encouraging and supportive and frequently spot on with their […]

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  Kirsty 1. Loves her two little boys to the ends of the Universe, being a mum is a great adventure. 2. Lives on a beautiful property that has been in her husband’s family for six generations. She has planted lots of trees and herbs and is really looking forward […]

Ten things you might not know about Kirsty or Ann ...