Our number 1 Calendula Girls moisturiser


When caring for our skin, we start with what we eat because our skin really is a reflection of our internal health.

We make sure that our diets contain lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, raw nuts and good oils. Our ‘go to’ dietary oils are usually organic cold pressed coconut and olive oil. We never cook with polyunsaturates because they are badly affected by heat and are vigilant about no Trans fats.

With that good foundation in place our external skincare becomes easier.
We like to keep our moisturiser really clean and simple.

We usually make a cream moisturiser but in more drying weather we may also add a lotion bar.

Our ingredient list for our favourite moisturiser starts with an infused oil, usually cold pressed organic macadamia oil, and we infuse it with calendula petals and chamomile flowers that we have grown in our gardens.

We then choose a distilled floral water, our favourites are rose and cistus and we sometimes add a little vegetable glycerine for moisture binding.

When making a cream moisturiser we will bind those two parts together with a gentle organic emulsifier (our favourite is beeswax) just like making mayonnaise.

If the weather has been more drying and our skin needs a bit more help we might make a lotion bar version which would include raw organic cacao butter and maybe some local organic beeswax.

Then we simply choose the essential oils that suit our mood, skin and season and add them to the mix.

That’s it…we make small batches, package our moisturiser in some small containers and store it in the fridge. We just remove one small container at a time and that way it’s always fresh and we don’t need lots of preservatives to protect it.

We love showing people how they can make this beautiful moisturiser at home so if you’d like a little more control of your own skin care join one of our classes.