Make your own waxed flower petal paper


We love waxed petal paper, it’s quick, cheap and really easy to make and it looks like beautiful handmade floral parchment paper. Even if you don’t think you are creative you can make this…honestly it’s a cinch!

You will need the following:

  1. A roll of waxed paper from the supermarket. In Australia it’s often labelled waxed lunch wrap. It is a very thin paper waxed on one side and it’s usually very inexpensive. Don’t buy non-stick baking paper, it’s not the same.
  2. A pair of paper scissors
  3. An old towel
  4. An iron
  5. Some flowers from your garden. Choose flowers that have fairly thin petals not thick watery watery ones like gardenias or frangipani. Your flowers can be fresh but not wet from dew. You can wilt them for a few hours if you prefer. Some petals that have worked well for us are azaleas, violets, heart’s ease, calendula and stocks. Pink stocks look just like rose petals…we haven’t had much success with actual rose petals though. The nicest part is experimenting!image


  1. Cover your work surface with an old towel, smoothing it out so there are no ridges.
  2. Cut two identical lengths of waxed paper that will fit comfortably on your work surface.image
  3. Feel the wax paper, it’s pretty easy to tell which side is coated with wax. Give it a gentle scratch with your finger nail if you’re not sure. The wax will go white on the waxed side.
  4. Place one sheet of paper on the towel waxed side up.image
  5. Next deconstruct your flowers. Gently pull off all the petals and if your flower has interesting stamens tease these out too. You want to reduce everything in the flower to a thin single layer.
  6. Sprinkle your petals on the waxed surface of the paper. You can make a design or keep it really random. You can use a single type of flower petal or mix up a whole bunch of different petals. Just have fun, but make sure that you only have one layer of petals and Make sure you leave plenty of empty space for the wax paper to stick together.
  7. imageGently lay your second sheet of waxed paper on top of your petal design. This time place the sheet waxed side down. Make sure your edges are all neatly aligned.
  8. imageTurn your iron on to the silk temperature setting and turn the steam setting to off. Gently iron the top sheet of paper. The wax will melt sealing the two sheets together capturing your petals.¬†You may have to go over it a couple of times to make sure everything is nicely melted together and sealed. Don’t worry about a few lines or patchy bits, that’s half the charm.
  9. imageWhen you are happy with the paper, turn it over and quickly iron the back, this will help to smooth out extra folds.
  10. Job done! Admire your gorgeous petal paper…we bet you’ll be holding it up to see the sun shine through it instantly. You can’t look at petal paper without feeling happy.image

We find calendula petals and stock petals iron perfectly, the azalea petals ‘bleed’ colour into the paper and we love that look too…the effect is beautiful like a water colour painting.image

Most petals hold their colour really well, although the colour will fade quickly if you leave your petal paper exposed to direct sunlight. Which is very tempting because the paper looks gorgeous in a window with the light behind it. We store ours in a drawer and the colour lasts for years.

Sometimes we cut the paper and use it as wrapping, it’s also lovely to use in cards, either cover the whole outside like a second layer or if you have a window card you can insert a piece of the petal paper behind the window.

We also cut our paper and sew it into tiny petal paper-bags on the sewing machine. If you decide to sew it, we’ve found a long straight stitch works best.image

We absolutely adore petal paper and we hope you do too! Here’s a few last photos.image

imageIf you do make some, we’d be really excited if you sent us a photo of your paper.

Love from
Kirsty and Ann x