Make your own herbal fire lighters

Easy herb fire lighters, with no harmful chemicals. Use whatever fragrant herbs you have growing in your garden, or you can forage from friends. These fire lighters are especially good for using up prunings from perennial herbs, the material doesn’t have to be pristine quality because you are going to enclose the plant material in brown paper and then burn it. So you don’t need to use your best quality material for this project.


You will need: Scissors, cotton or hemp string, brown paper or newspaper.

Filling your herbal fire lighters
Any scented herbs, wood shavings, cones, grasses and petals.
Most herbs are suitable, the drier the better. Don’t choose anything too moist and fleshy. Although a combination of dried and some fresher plants will be ok, you’ll just need to leave them in a warm dry place to completely dry out before using them.
We used various combinations of scented geranium, sage, patchouli, vetiver grass, lemongrass, lavender, rose petals, dried echinacea heads and camphor wood shavings.

You can also choose to add some shaved beeswax to the mix, or drizzle the outside of your completed fire lighters with a little melted beeswax. This will prolong their burning time. As our fire lighters are going to be used in an inside combustion heater we chose not to add the beeswax to our mix. But for camp fires or outside braziers we’d certainly add some beeswax.


  • Cut your paper into a small square, ours was 30cm (approx 12 inches)
  • Fold paper square diagonally in half.
  • Place the folded paper in front of you so that the longest side of the triangle is at the bottom and closest to you.
  • Fold each outside point up toward the centre forming a square diamond shape.
  • Turn the paper over and fold the outside edges toward the centre again forming a kite shape.
  • Hold the kite in one hand with the cut edges to the top and open the kite shape out to form a cone.


  • Loosely fill the cone about 3/4 full with wood shavings and herbs.
  • Pinch the top together and tie tightly with a length of string.
  • Store in a warm airy spot until all the herbs are thoroughly dry.



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