There is nothing like the satisfaction of creating your own natural skincare products, it just lights you up!

These workshops were developed after years of trial, error and personal experience both with making our own products, teaching and working with others. Each class we have created is designed to:

  • Focus on one skill or product area, so you really understand the process.
  • Make product making easy.
  • Be organised and clear so you are able to continue exploring after the course.
  • Teach you the underlying techniques so you can tap into your unique way of making products.
  • Give you the tools to create natural products quicker and easier, so you can start sharing them more.

These workshops are full to the brim with hints and tips. We do not hold back our ideas and processes, taking you step by step through the process.

We are currently taking interest in the following classes…


PLEASE BOOK THIS CLASS IF: You’re keen to start making skincare your own way or just want learn more. This is a great class to start making products like facial oils, bath oils, from natural ingredients.  If you want to make beautiful skincare infused with plants and herbs, then you’ll love what we have to share! Everything we’ll be teaching comes from real-world experience and lots of research. We’ll squeeze in as much goodness as possible and give you all the know-how we’ve got!

WHY IS THIS COURSE SO USEFUL FOR MAKING SKINCARE ? Until you can produce your own infused oils you will not have complete creative control of your product as oil bases are one of the foundations of skincare making. Infused oils are used in almost all skincare products from balms and butters to lotions and creams as most have some combination of oil, butter, water and wax as their foundation.

What you can expect from our classes:

  • A warm, friendly, not-too-biggish group. Class size is 11 participants max.
  • Amazingly helpful outline + templates that you can use … for the rest of your life.
  • Class will be held at Barossa Valley South Australia or UKI NSW.
  • This class is a 1.5 hour event.
  • Not in Australia, no problem please use this calculator to convert the time to your time zone:

Interested, in joining us? Send us a quick note at Of course, if you want to start learning sooner, we’re always sharing over on Facebook and Instagram. Come introduce yourself and say hi!

Looking forward to creating with you.