Make your own fragrant linen sachet




Very Easy Fragrant Linen Sachet

1: Organza, we used a plain white organza but patterned or coloured organza would also be suitable. The reason we chose organza is that it is transparent but tightly woven so we can see the contents but they can’t leak out.
Our sachet is made from 2 rectangular pieces each measuring 20cm x 25cm.

2: Dried herbs, spices or dried fragrant flowers of choice. We used dried patchouli leaves, star anise, cinnamon quills and camphor wood shavings in this sachet. We’ve also made the sachets with dried chamomile flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers and bay leaves. Any fragrant dried material is good but things like lavender, camphor, patchouli and bay are good insect repellents.

Sewing machine

1: Cut two rectangles from the organza and lay one on top of the other and pin together.
2: Leaving a 1cm seam allowance, stitch together around the two short sides and one long side, leave the last long side open for filling the sachet.
3: Trim seams back close to the stitching, clip the corners back diagonally to further reduce bulk.
4: Turn inside out and finger press seams smooth.
5: Top stitch three or more rows from the open edges straight across the sachet forming long narrow pockets.
6: Fill each pocket with a different herb, spice or flower and pin the ends closed.
7: Carefully stitch across the open end 1cm from the raw edge.
8: Then fold the seam allowance to the back and top stitch again close to the original stitch line and trim close to stitching.