Calendula Oil Story

Calendula Girls absolute all time favourite offering is our Calendula Oil. It is macadamia oil infused with calendula flowers – here is the story of how we make our calendula oil herbal infusion

Nature can’t be rushed, that’s why the creation of our calendula oil is a slow and gentle process responding to the energy of the seasons and the life force in the soil. The timing of all aspects of its creation not being determined by the clock but a more natural rhythm set by the sun and the moon.

So, there’s time to get the soil rich and fertile before hand casting the seeds from last season’s crop. There’s time to allow the flowers to thrive, grow and develop their glorious color and amazing soothing qualities and for us there’s time to breathe. Time for gratitude, time to reflect on the abundance and joy these flowers create.image

Preparation for the oil starts months earlier when we add our organic compost to the soil. When the time’s right we sow the seeds and the day the first of the seedlings pokes through their mulched bed is always a delight! Our plants grow organically and no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are ever used!

We watch our calendulas carefully for signs of stress, but largely we work in harmony with nature, allowing it to find its own balance, and our calendula plants are naturally vigorous.
After a few weeks the little plants begin to grow and over the next few months they get taller and stronger and start producing glorious orange calendula flowers.

Now our work starts in earnest, checking the plants each morning for new flowers. We harvest the flowers each day when they are at their absolute peak of perfection, after the sun has dried off any dew on the petals. Always remembering to leave some flower heads to set seed for the next season’s crop. image

We dry the harvested blooms as quickly as possible (at below 35 degrees C.) and store them in airtight containers in a cool, dark, dry environment, to prevent any loss of potency.

Every few weeks we add the required weight of dried flowers to cold pressed oil and steep them for a minimum of four weeks. We mainly use cold pressed macadamia oil, but we also use other oils for specific requirements. We source the carrier oils directly from local growers, to make sure the oil we use is fresh and it’s grown and harvested with care and respect for the environment.

We store the herbal infusions in glass containers in a warm dark place whilst the flowers release their healing properties into the oil.
Every few days, we agitate and swirl the contents of the infusion to ensure all that supercharged calendula goodness infuses into the oil.

When that’s done we carefully and slowly filter the calendula oil through layers of cotton muslin. This is a slow, gravity filtering process and absolutely no external pressure is applied. The resulting calendula infusion is a sparkling orange liquid, with remarkable clarity.

We call it liquid sunshine! image

Finally, we hand bottle and label the finished oil into amber glass to keep out the light and prevent any deterioration of quality and then it’s ready to deliver to you!


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