How do I make perfume?

I was new in the village and a gorgeous woman approached me at the Saturday market and said ‘I was told you might be able to tell me how to make my own natural perfume’

Wow! What a question…yes, yes nothing would give me more pleasure! My mind was spinning with possibilities because this is actually a huge question.

Anyway I managed to blurt out ‘I’d love to help you, can we make a time for you to pop round for a cup of tea so we can talk about it?’

A date was set, when we would get together and explore exactly what she wanted to create.


 You see there are quite a few things to decide before starting to make your perfume…

  • What form of perfume do you want to make…solid or liquid, oil based or alcohol based?
  • Do you know what fragrance elements you want to combine or do you need guidance to choose them?
  • Do you want to make it from purchased fragrance components like essential oils, resins and absolutes?
  • Or do you want to start with flowers from your own garden and extract the fragrances yourself?
  • does organically grown or ethically harvested matter to you?
  • are you a raw only advocate?

The answers to these questions lead us to a starting point, from there we can begin to look at techniques and fragrance preferences, extraction methods, bases and fragrance elements, blending, testing, packaging.

Creating our own natural perfumes (and skin care products) is a fascinating, fragrant and fun filled process.

So if you are clear that you want to make a particular skincare product or perfume, or even if you are unsure but curious about exploring the possibilities of creating your own skin care and perfumes. Contact us and we’ll keep you up to date on all our latest offerings from classes to one on one consultation.