Oils for Natural Skincare

Wild Almonds in our creek in South Australia are producing the first almond blossom, a reminder that despite the cold weather, spring is snapping at our heels.

It’s also a prompt to talk about oils produced from the nut or seeds of plants. Both Ann and I love using all different types of oils including sweet almond oil when we make skin care products.

There are many to choose from, each with special properties and uses.

Here are some of the different ways that we use oils to nurture skin.


Most cuticle oils are made from a mixture of oils such as sweet almond and jojoba.  Avocado oil is also a good choice, simply put 10mls in a dropper bottle, label and rub into cuticles daily.


Body Oil’s are great after a shower or in your bath when your skin gets dry and irritated, which often happens at the change of season.  Our favourite is macadamia oil or sesame oil. Simply use a loofah or body brush before showering to exfoliate and apply evenly afterwards. Our skin absolutely loves it.


Jojoba is the perfect oil for use as an eye oil. Ann would say that ‘strictly speaking it’s a liquid wax. ’It is emollient with a chemical structure similar to collagen.  Jojoba has excellent shelf life and can be used on the delicate eye skin. Simply pour 10mls in a dropper bottle and use sparingly around your eyes.


Rosehip, calendula and evening primrose are all good oils to use when making a scar ointment or oil. Clinical tests have shown that Rosehip significantly improves the appearance of scars and pigmentation and also can help repair sun damage.


Sweet almond oil is quite amazing especially for dry skin on babies, a tiny bit goes a long way and it really makes a difference. Use apricot kernel or peach kernel if you are concerned about nut allergies.

Want to know more? In September we are running a course on infusing oils. This is a powerful way to combine the properties of oils with herbs and flowers and extracts.

Would you like any question answered about oils for skin care? What is your favourite oil to use? Let us know in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Oils for Natural Skincare

  • Tracy

    Thank you! you’ve just reminded me of what is lacking in my self care routine. I’ll get onto this, I’ll be looking for oils that will help when I start radiotherapy. Any suggestions?

  • Kate

    I’ve always wanted to know how to make my own oils, but never known where to start, so this blog post is perfect for me. I’d love to know your suggestions for more eye area oils!?

    • Calendula Girls Post author

      Hi Kate, the skin around our eye area is really delicate so we need to use quite light vegetable oils…and keep essential oils well away from the eye area. We particularly like avocado, jojoba, grape seed and apricot oils. We always make sure that we buy organically grown cold pressed oils. You only need a tiny bit and a good tip is to apply the oil using the tips of your ring fingers, they have the lightest pressure of all your fingers so that you don’t stretch or pull the skin whilst applying the oil.

  • Morgan

    I’ve just started using Jojoba oil and love it.
    I’ve had some amazing results with rose hip oil too. Especially on a scar I had. xx

    • Calendula Girls Post author

      Morgan, we totally agree with you about rose hip oil for scarring, we have recommended it to lots of clients and students over the years with some really delightful results.

  • kerry

    great post! I’ve just started a new skin care routine with organic rose hip oil 🙂 glad i’m on the right path!!

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