A conversation about elderberry syrup, its benefits and uses…and a recipe Ann: Kirst, I’ve made a batch of spiced Elderberry syrup. I think with the weather starting to cool and with seasonal viruses around its a good idea to be prepared. As a naturopath could you explain a bit about […]

Spiced Elderberry Syrup

    Very Easy Fragrant Linen Sachet Materials 1: Organza, we used a plain white organza but patterned or coloured organza would also be suitable. The reason we chose organza is that it is transparent but tightly woven so we can see the contents but they can’t leak out. Our […]

Make your own fragrant linen sachet

  Mandarin and almond meal syrup cake (plus cashew nut cream) This cake contains eggs, I haven’t tried this but it may be possible to make a vegan version by substituting 1/2 a mashed banana for each egg especially as its a dense syrup cake, not light and fluffy. Ingredients 4 […]

Citrus and almond syrup cake with fresh flower petals

Calendula Flower Essence
Calendula Flower Essence is a celebration…a celebration of joy and happiness and alignment with our inner being and the Universe. Use it when you are feeling totally aligned and blissful, you can spray it on your tongue, the pulse points on your wrists or just into your energy field…it’s up […]

Calendula Flower Essence

We love waxed petal paper, it’s quick, cheap and really easy to make and it looks like beautiful handmade floral parchment paper. Even if you don’t think you are creative you can make this…honestly it’s a cinch! You will need the following: A roll of waxed paper from the supermarket. […]

Make your own waxed flower petal paper

Easy herb fire lighters, with no harmful chemicals. Use whatever fragrant herbs you have growing in your garden, or you can forage from friends. These fire lighters are especially good for using up prunings from perennial herbs, the material doesn’t have to be pristine quality because you are going to enclose […]

Make your own herbal fire lighters

7 wonderful and easy ways to use calendula oil
Here are our 7 easy ways to use Calendula Oil in macadamia infusion. 1: Eye oil Two drops are all you’ll need. At night after cleansing your skin apply two drops of calendula macadamia oil infusion to the tips of your ring fingers. Gently pat the oil drops around the […]

7 easy ways to use Calendula Oil

Calendula Girls absolute all time favourite offering is our Calendula Oil. It is macadamia oil infused with calendula flowers – here is the story of how we make our calendula oil herbal infusion Nature can’t be rushed, that’s why the creation of our calendula oil is a slow and gentle process […]

Calendula Oil Story

One of Kirsty and my big hopes for Calendula Girls is to use it to help support women entrepreneurs starting their businesses in developing countries and also to celebrate women who are making a real difference to the lives of other women, their families and communities in those areas. On […]

Inspiring women

‘Your skin is your largest organ. It covers your entire body and has a surface area of around 2 square metres. Its thickness varies from 0.5mm on your eyelids to 4mm or more on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. In total, it accounts for […]

Calendula Girls Fact File

how do I make natural perfume
I was new in the village and a gorgeous woman approached me at the Saturday market and said ‘I was told you might be able to tell me how to make my own natural perfume’ Wow! What a question…yes, yes nothing would give me more pleasure! My mind was spinning […]

How do I make perfume?

oils for natural skincare, calendula oil
Wild Almonds in our creek in South Australia are producing the first almond blossom, a reminder that despite the cold weather, spring is snapping at our heels. It’s also a prompt to talk about oils produced from the nut or seeds of plants. Both Ann and I love using all […]

Oils for Natural Skincare